The Draycott Hotel, London

The charming Draycott hotel in London’s Chelsea is perfectly situated on Cadogan Gardens, an upmarket residential area just a stones throw from the famous and long standing department store, Peter Jones, and the ever trendy streets of King’s Road. Forever associated with 1960’s style, and fashion figures such as Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood, ‘Kings Road’ or ‘The Kings Road’ derives its name from its function as a private road used by King Charles the second to travel to Kew. During the 1960s the street became a symbol of mod culture, evoking “an endless frieze of mini-skirted, booted, fair-haired angular angels”.

The Draycott hotel has somewhat of a different feel, one of peace and refinement, a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the nearby shops and restaurants. One of this hotel’s major draws are the staff, who are as friendly and charming as can be. It’s just so nice to be greeted with a genuine smile by people who seem to be very happy to be there, and keen to make you feel right at home. And this hotel does feel like a home. From the tranquility of library to the cosy drawing room, guests feel instantly at ease here. Afternoon tea is provided at no charge from 4pm, and between 6pm and 7pm, the champagne is generously passed around, and guests are treated once more. If you don’t feel welcome enough by now, Hot chocolate and biscuits are rolled out from 9:30pm. How utterly civilized. It’s really no wonder that previous guests to this rarified haven have included the Queen of Denmark and the such stars as Gary Oldman and Pierce Brosnan.

Draycott Hotel - Nina Campbell Lounge
Draycott Hotel – Nina Campbell Lounge

 I stayed in ‘C.S Lewis’, a large and elegantly furnished bedroom with a bed and duvet so comfortable that when I awoke the next morning and looked up at the regal brass chandelier, I could scarcely remember neither my own name or what century I was in. I do however, remember returning to my room in the late evening to the dulcet tones of the Clair de la Lune, thoughtfully arranged by the turn down service. As I looked out of the large windows, with this delightful lullabye encouraging me to slumber, and saw the lamp lit flats of Cadogan Gardens with their old Master paintings in antique gold frames, I smiled. What a lovely place to stay.

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If you are visiting London from abroad, and want to experience the best of British tradition in a relaxed and refined setting, this delightfully intimate, perfectly located hotel is a very special place to stay. Flicking through the visitors book, it is filled with pages and pages of visitors of all ages to our shores who from the sincerity of their words, left a little piece of their heart in the Draycott Hotel. I know I certainly did.

To book a stay at the Draycott, visit or call +44 (0) 20 77306466.

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  • An elegant & charming hotel. A great retreat from the hustle & bustle of the city. I particularly loved the lounge as a fine place to relax & unwind. The hotel has lots of character & would love to have a weekend getaway here. 💗

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