The Rosewood Christmas Party, London

Hi all,

I felt very lucky to be invited to the Rosewood’s Xmas party, and it was my first visit to this amazing luxury hotel. The lovely Manager, Michael Bonsor, who always seems to look as though he should be on a red carpet in Hollywood, hosted an incredible knees up in the courtyard of the hotel complete with the real Father Christmas, a bar made of ice, a delicious array of Cocktails and Ruinart Blanc de Blanc, a hog roast, and an awesome firework display (see pics).

Pearl, aka ‘Goldeneye’

I’ve been wanting to check the hotel out for some time, and it was everything I thought it might be, and more. I was greeted in the lobby by the adorable ‘Pearl’, a golden retriever to die for, and who immediately makes arriving guests feel like they are staying at a home away from home.

Pearl, aka ‘Goldeneye’


My highlight was a visit to ‘Scarfes Bar'(named after Gerald Scarfe, the British caricaturist) which is inspired by the atmosphere of a drawing room and has all the sophistication of a gentleman’s club. It actually reminded me of being in a ‘speak-easy’ during prohibition, complete with a fantastic jazz singer who reminded me of Nina Simone she was that good, and pack of expert cocktail makers who were hacking massive cubes of ice with special ice picks to make the perfect drinks. The bar was full of Christmas spirit and there was a bonhomie that made me think of what London must have been like during the blitz. An air of reckless abandon was definitely present that evening, and I had the best time.

I went upstairs to check one of the rooms out, and it’s clear that the Rosewood Group don’t mess around. There is a level of detail in the decor of the hotel that is really astounding. Every room is filled with beautiful and unique artwork and furniture. It’s a place of true luxury, and one of the most impressive hotels I have ever visited.

If you’d like to visit the Rosewood Hotel, it’s at 252 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7EN.  The phone number is 0207 781 8888 and its online  at

Pearl, aka ‘Goldeneye’

To enter the competition to win a stay at a Rosewood hotel, just hashtag RosewoodMiniHamper in support of Onefortheboys. Ive entered too! Good Luck!



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