Sheen Falls Lodge in Kenmare, Ireland

Hi all,

Last weekend I managed to hop over to Ireland to check out Sheen Falls Lodge, a massive hotel in Kenmare built at the boom time in the 1990’s for The Irish economy which has been called the ‘Celtic Tiger’. They had clearly spend a huge amount of money on the hotel and attached Villas, and it’s such a shame that it was sold for €5 million having been previously valued at €30 million before the financial crash.


Me on a rock

I was really impressed with the hotel. The rooms were large and opulent, with very spacious bathrooms and huge baths. The hotel is so big that it looks a bit like the one in ‘The Shining’ and I must admit I got totally lost on the first night, wandering through the corridors.

The lodge is set in gorgeous countryside and my room had a fantastic view of The Sheen falls, a fast running river which is stunning.

All dressed up and ready to party


The hotel has a great spa facility, with an excellent steam room, sauna and pool, and they play lovely Celtic style music as you relax and escape from real life for a while.

The gym is currently closed but they are building a new one which should be open fairly soon.

I was very impressed with the food in the Cascade Restaurant and can see why it was awarded a Michelin star. The staff were friendly and helpful and the whole place has a very personal feel, despite its size.

I checked out some of the villas attached to the hotel too. These are perfect for groups of friends or families and were beautifully decorated inside with tasteful antique furniture and some more modern designs too. The views are beautiful from the villas and their are plenty of walks nearby, as well as the quaint town of Kenmare which is picked with restaurants and good old Irish pubs. We dined in ‘Packies’ which is known to be the best restaurant and we all left saying how impressive the whole experience was.

Storm Desmond in full force

All in all, a great trip and a really solid hotel choice, all set in the most idyllic surroundings. Even with storm Desmond upon us, I loved every minute of it.

J x

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